We accept many different insurances except medicare and medicaid.  Please call the office and we will be happy to check on your benefits for you.  We will submit insurance for you as a courtesy but not a guarantee of payment.

LTD Discount Plan- In House Discount Plan

We offer an in house discount plan for those patients without insurance. This is not an insurance plan but a discount plan that offers discounts based on an annual membership fee.  The plan is good for one calendar year and no discounts will carry over to the next. We offer the Gold Plan and the Silver Plan. Here is how it works:

Gold Plan-$250 for an individual, spouse $150, dependents (under 18) $75

*Regular cleanings, exam & x-rays- 70% discount

*3-4 month prophy- 50% discount

*Root Planing & Scaling- 40% discount

*Emergency exam & x-ray & panoral x-ray-25% discount

*Restorative dentistry- 25% discount

(fillings, root canals, crowns & extractions)

*Traditional orthodontics-15% discount/ Invisalign-10% discount

*Cosmetic dentistry-10% discount

*Implants-5% discount

*Nitrous oxide-15% discount

SILVER PLAN- $175 for an individual, spouse-$100, dependents (under 18)-$50

*Regular cleanings, exam & x-rays-50% discount

*3-4 month prophy-35% discount

*Root planing & scaling- 30% discount

*Emergency exams, x-ray & or panoral x-rays-20%

*Restorative dentistry-15% discount

(fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions)

*Orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants, nitrous oxide-No Discounts

All Contracts good for a 1 year period.

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